The Flowers

Jan has always been a keen gardener, learning her love of flowers from her grandmother, and when she went into this business, she spent many happy hours sourcing the best flowers from local farmers. She goes directly to the source, cutting out the middle man and ensuring that the cold chain remains unbroken. The flowers are picked on the farm, sent straight to the cold room and then transported to the cold room at The Flower Supply Co. The cold room is a sight for sore eyes: packed with buckets overflowing with flowers of every variety, hue and shape.

Jan sources unique and unusual flowers for the bouquets, not just the “generics”. A bouquet from The Flower Supply Co could contain everything from roses to decorative coloured cabbages, twisted willow and dahlias, all combined with a keen eye for design and the principles of colour. Jan is something of a “flower architect” – she trained as an interior designer and she bases her flower arrangements on a true understanding of the principles of design– something not always evident in arrangements.


Jan sources, buys and puts the flower combinations together and from there, trained florists Lorraine and Minora assemble the bouquets. Both are skilled florists in their own right, with more than ten years’ experience in the field. The exquisite bouquets leaving the shop attest to a creative symbiosis between Jan’s flower choices, colour and design savvy combined with Lorraine and Minora’s skilful arrangement of the blooms.


Always with an array of unusual and colourful seasonal flowers to choose from, a customer at The Flower Supply Co can choose their own bouquet from a dizzying choice of blooms according to four colour schemes:





For inspiration, look at our Gallery

Jan only sells flowers which are not yet in full bloom so that you can watch your bouquet open in your own home. Freshness, originality and quality in the flowers is of utmost importance to this company.
Jan prices her bouquets to suit all pockets, so you can choose from bouquets at R250, R300, R350 or a custom price, depending on which flowers are chosen. Jan uses all local flowers, apart from the vintage roses which she imports from Kenya for their long stems, full blooms, unique colours and lasting quality. These are not roses which wilt as buds in your vase; they open slowly from a lovely bud to a beautiful full bloom over the space of a week or more.
The choice of flowers changes with the seasons and they are restocked four times a week.
All bouquets are presented in a beautiful cone of black paper with a black and white branded sticker and ribbon, which sets off the colours of the flowers perfectly.

To buy a bouquet, you can order via our online store, via Whatsapp on 071 673 9847, via email or simply call Jan. The Flower Supply Co also supplies retail outlets, hotels and businesses with flower arrangements.
Our bespoke service allows you to order a one-off bouquet for a special celebration, or put in an order for a weekly or monthly bouquet to be delivered to your door. We welcome bulk orders for weddings and other occasions too.
How wonderful to receive a regular delivery of a beautiful bunch of seasonal flowers!

Go to SEND FLOWERS to select your colour and price range. You will be directed to the PAYMENT site from there.


The Flower Supply Co has partnered with Spar in Cape Town to sell our bouquets at the following Spar stores: